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Nebulizer is an automatic hand sanitizer which guarantees a complete hygiene degree since all the operation happens without the need of touching with hands any external object. 

The hands should be positioned just under Nebulizer and immediately and automatically the machine will spray 1 ml of solution, effective to disinfect completely both hands. 

The user has to scrub the hands for about 20 second until they are completely dry. Nebulizer functions with 4 LR6 batteries. The tank capacity is of 1,1 litre.

The product is supplied with security key.

Nebulizer could be used in a lot of different places like: restaurants, bars, hotels, canteens, butcheries, food shops, bakeries, dairies, beauticians, hairdressers, laboratories of analysis, hospices, etc. 

Nebulizer can be efficiently used also for cleaning and disinfecting toilet seat before use.

For this purpose, put close to Nebulizer some toilet paper, soak it with liquid and clean the toilet seat. In this way the toilet is instantly sanitized and free of bacteria. Available a practical stainless steel support.