orma: certified company

In the ambition of constant improvement, ORMA has decided to undergo certified quality standards.

The company constantly monitors business processes in order to improve the organizational and management structure to always guarantee products and services that comply with the highest quality standards.

ORMA's commitment was recognized with the release of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the Management and Quality System.

Customer care and products quality have always outlined our company’s development since 1983. Our Air Control S® aerosol insecticides and our Masterbox® bait stations are born in this way, becoming in the course of time a reference point for the professionals.

The professional pest control and the air control need a continuous update in technical, scientific and regulatory field. ORMA put at the customer’s service all the competence of its team, supplying products developed after a careful research: EFFECTIVE, FUNCTIONAL AND LONG-LASTING.

Our company has operated since more than 30 years in pest control and air fresheners branches. From the very beginning ORMA has always wanted to put in the first place the quality of its products and the care of the customer needs; this makes us a reliable and effective partner, who can provide complete solutions for the professional pest control.

The creation and selection of our products take place always thinking about the possible daily problems of the operators, to whom WE FINDS SOLUTIONS with the competence and experience of our team.

We take care of the customer in a focused way by giving a precise technical and scientific assistance, commercial and logistic support.

We pursuing increasingly GREEN policies, thanks to the photovoltaic system of our headquarters that has made it possible to avoid during 2021 emissions into the atmosphere amounted 32013 kg of CO2 equivalent to 1281 trees planted and we are committed daily the choice of using raw materials with a low environmental impact realizing our products.