Orma Air Friend

Distair S is an insecticide based on natural pyrethrum, to be used with proper automatic electronic dispensers.

It has an immediate knock down effect on flies, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, moths, etc.


The repellent effect of Pyrethrum extract prevents the infestation of insects in the treated locals.


Distair S is released in very small quantities at given intervals which can vary from 7,5 to 30 minutes, so a constant protection from insects is guaranteed.

A 250 ml can operating for 24 hours a day with a set spraying interval of 15 minutes lasts for 4 weeks.

The system can be used for the insect control in places up to 30 mq.

Each cans can guarantees up to 3000 sprays.


Precautions for use: Foodstuffs which are uncovered, ready or in preparation, must be placed further than 3 meter far from the can.


Registration N. 19.781 of the Italian Ministry of Health.


Also available cans with high dome and with different spray-heads.

We can supply aerosol cans compatible whit others dispensers in the market.



Aerosol insecticide ready-to-use


6 pcs of 250 ml in box of 48