pyregreen 5.0®


use with:


Flying insect


Crawling insects

Concentrated liquid insecticide that is Natural Pyrethrum based, in formulation with solvents of biodegradeable plant origin with high-killing action.


Thanks to the presence of only Pyrethrum the product can be used in food industries (mills, pasta factories, slaughterhouses, dairy factories, etc.), In catering (bars, restaurants, etc.), In livestock farming (animal shelter,kennels, stables, etc.), and community organizations (hospitals, schools, barracks, etc.) and in various industrial sectors (tobacco factories, warehouses, etc.).


PyreGreen 5.0 is an insecticide effective against all types of flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, gnats, moths, etc.) And of crawling insects (cockroaches, lice, fleas, flour moths, grain weevil, etc.) that commonly infest food companies, domestic dwellings, industrial environments, livestock and rural areas.


PyreGreen 5.0 can be used via Ultra Low Volume (ULV) cold saturation, thermo nebulisations in combination with a mixture of glycols, or vegetable solvent motor atomisers and manual precompression pumps.


Crawling and flying insects


Pyrethrum extract (50%) 5,0%


Concentrated emulsifiable insecticide


1 L bottle in 6 pcs box


660-01 bottle