delta pbo®

Delta PBO


Flying insect


Crawling insects

Delta PBO is a concentrated insecticide based on Deltamethrin and synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide, without solvents (flow formulation) and completely odourless.


It has a strong knockdown effect and a high residuality.


Thanks to its features, Delta PBO can be used effectively and safely in residential buildings, schools, public green, grassy lawns, hotels, condominiums, public hygiene, storages and food industries. 


Delta PBO is very effective against crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas, bugs, moths, woodworms, weevils, etc.) and flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, chironomids, moths, etc). 


Delta PBO can be used in urban green areas, both public and private, and can be distributed with thermal foggers.


Crawling and flying insects


Deltamethrin 2,5%

PBO 1,0%


Concentrated insecticide


1 L bottle in 6 pcs box

5 L tank in 2 pcs box


058-01 bottle

058-05 tank